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  • The Cryptid Files: Pacific Giants
    The Cryptid Files: Pacific Giants
    by Jean Flitcroft
  • The Cryptid Files: Mexican Devil
    The Cryptid Files: Mexican Devil
    by Jean Flitcroft
  • The Cryptid Files: Loch Ness
    The Cryptid Files: Loch Ness
    by Jean Flitcroft


The Cryptid Files: Pacific Giants

Third book in this exciting series is now available!

When Vanessa travels to a remote island off the coast of Canada, she finds herself drawn into a world of ruthless whale hunters and criminals. Armed only with her camera and her faithful shrunken head, she must fight for her life to escape capture. But what happens when she comes face to face with a terrifying sea-serpent? Could this be the monster that locals have been telling her about?

It's available from good bookshops, online from the publisher Little Island and all the big online book stores such as or the Book Depository

Pacific Giants is in the Recommended Reads for 2012, which is the annual reading guide of the Children’s Book Festival:

Read the great reviews of Pacific Giants:

'An online dictionary describes 'page-turner' as 'a book that is very interesting or exciting'. Such a definition falls way short of the mark to thus decribe Flitcroft's book. Pacific Giants grips the reader from the very first pages with the appearance - and disappearance - of the elderly man in a yellow raincoat and sweeps along faster than the sea-serpent young Vanessa is chasing......A great story and one to be highly recommended.'

Books Ireland (March 2013)


‘The Pacific Giants will take you down into the depths of the Pacific Ocean into the magical world of the humpback whales. This is a beautiful story, a rollicking, pacey adventure that will get your spine tingling. A fantastic addition to the Cryptid Files trilogy.’  

 Paula Leydon, Author of award winning book The Butterfly Heart


Pacific Giants is the third in The Cryptid Files series of books by Jean Flitcroft which deal with cryptozoology, which is the study of strange creatures that some people have reported seeing, but for which there is no scientific proof. ...With scientific facts on this subject at the beginning of each chapter, this book draws the reader into the possibility of the extraordinary, and together with the excellent atmospheric narrative makes this book a page-turning, high tension journey into the world of cryptozoology.

Inis Magazine (December 2012)