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  • The Cryptid Files: Pacific Giants
    The Cryptid Files: Pacific Giants
    by Jean Flitcroft
  • The Cryptid Files: Mexican Devil
    The Cryptid Files: Mexican Devil
    by Jean Flitcroft
  • The Cryptid Files: Loch Ness
    The Cryptid Files: Loch Ness
    by Jean Flitcroft


About Me

I live in Dublin, Ireland with my husband Ian and three wonderful boys, Callum, Myles and Oliver.

I went to the Holy Child School in Killiney and then studied science in University College Dublin. Jobs in science at that time were few and far between and so in order to delay having to apply for a real job, I decided to extend my education and do a doctorate in Physiology.

I was most fortunate in being awarded a Welcome Scholarship which allowed me to cross the water to the hallowed halls of Magdalen College, Oxford University. There it took me three years of punting on the Cherwell, picnicking in the Meadows and meeting the most wonderful characters from around the globe (including my English husband) to get my D.Phil.

I then moved to London and got my first job as a writer of scientific educational material. After about a year in I gave up my job, emptied my piggy bank and travelled around the world with Ian for the first time. When I came back I got a job as a script writer for medical and scientific films which I adored. I got to go to shoots, be involved on the edits and work became much more interesting. But then so did travel.

A course in travel writing in Paris was my final undoing, I set out with pad and paper and lots of ideas and never looked back. My obsession with travel finally won out. It was on these journeys around the world that I started writing books for children. This book series The Cryptid Files owes its origins to a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean, where I started the first few chapters and later finished on the shores of Loch Ness itself.